3 April 2005

There have been big changes here this weekend. Michael and I now have a lovely new home, a 3ft tank half-filled with a mixture of wood shavings and hay for us to make proper tunnels in. Our human took a picture of our first burrow as we were so proud of it.  (Click on the photo to see the full-size image)

George & Michael's new home

You can see the burrow in the bottom left of the tank. It doesn't go anywhere yet, but we'll join it up to our nest (in the top right) soon. Michael discovered that he could tunnel right underneath our food dish and make it disappear into the litter, which drove our human mad as he had to keep looking for it.

Pepsi and Murphy now have their tank to themselves again, as their twins have been moved into our old tank until they go to their new home next weekend. The adults don't seem to miss the youngsters as they have their old blocks and tunnels back and aren't forever being jumped on by the pups wanting to play. We can't see the twins as their tank is in another room but our human says they have settled in to their new home well. They kept him awake for a long time last night making their first nest though, which he wasn't very happy about! We'll miss them when they leave as they've been great fun to watch as they have grown up, but they're going to be looked after by three little girls who will give them all the love and fun a gerbil could ever want.

The triplets don't have a new home so they are in a bit of a huff with the human. I heard him telling Star that they will get to make a burrow if ours is a success, so if they are left out I suppose we'll get the blame. They got yet another wheel stuck to the side of their tank but they had it pulled off and destroyed the suction cup within 10 minutes. I think the human is going to try hanging it from the tank cover next, as Marlon really does need to get some exercise - he's just a big shiny lump of a gerbil!

7th April 2005

Oh dear, Bonbon has worked out what the wheel stuck to their tank wall is for. She is now spending lots of time in it, and by the noise I think she's training for the London Marathon. If this keeps up for the rest of the week she'll be the fittest little gerbil in the world and I'll definitely need those earplugs.

10th April 2005

The house is strangely quiet today as the two pups left for their new home yesterday. Their new owners came to pick them up and spent ages playing with them. We were beginning to feel left out of all the fun but the little girls soon asked if they could play with Michael and myself. It was great fun having three new humans to climb on, although Michael was a bit shy to begin with and wouldn't come out of the burrow. When he realised that there were cuddles (and pumpkin seeds) involved he soon changed his mind! For a while it was like a game of 'pass-the-gerbil' as everyone made sure that the fun was shared out evenly.  By the time the visitors left I was quite exhausted and slept for most of the evening. It's hard work being a gerbil, but it's nice not being kept awake by a pup in a wheel!

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