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This was Pepsi's second litter (the first with me as their human), both of which were adopted by a friend's children at seven weeks old.

Murphy & Pepsi's twins, two hours old The twins, one day old The pups, now five days old
Two hours old One day old Five days old
One week old and already nicely furred One week old and cute as buttons! Ten days old. The RH (female) pup has a distinct head spot

One week old

One week old

Ten days old

At ten days they're quite comfortable in my hands I wish I could see what's going on! Sixteen days old. The male looks like he's a Lilac and the female appears to be a Spotted Dove

Ten days old

Ten days old

Sixteen days old

Bonbon having a run around their tank. Her 'patch' is very obvious in this photo. Pippin taking a break from his morning exercise routine. Pippin at 17 days. His left eye opened yesterday evening and the right (not visible) opened overnight.

The female, 16 days old

The male, 16 days old

His eyes opened at 17 days

Bonbon at 19 days. Both her eyes opened the previous day. Bonbon, 27 days old and wanting to play! Pippin at 27 days old, figuring out how the water bottle works.

His sister's opened at 18 days

Play with me, please!

How does this thing work?

Bonbon at 4 weeks, enjoying her new toy. Bonbon at 31 days, tucking into a pumpkin seed. Now 6 weeks old and in their own home. It now appears that Pippin is actually a Burmese and Bonbon a Spotted Dove.

Exploring a new toy

Mmm, a pumpkin seed!

Enjoying a sand bath

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